Jun 05

Maurizio Guarini (of Goblin) CD Release

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

CREATURES FROM A DRAWER - Maurizio is mostly known to be part of Goblin, legendary Italian Progressive Rock band renowned over the world mainly for their film scores that are a reference for Progressive Rock Maurizio's sound is a unique mark in legendary film score production, like 70ies and 80ies most acclaimed horror movies, where he left his magic unmistakable signature, not only as member of Goblin. Since the beginning of his music career Maurizio studio work has not been limited to soundtracks. His versatility allowed him to feel at ease and be creative even when collaborating with musicians with different musical backgrounds.
Maurizio Guarini (of Goblin) CD Release

Event Details

  • 7:30PM
  • 9:00PM
  • $10 at the door
  • Self-Presented by Artist
  • Prix fixe or a la carte menus available.
  • To reserve a table for dinner please use open table or call 416 588 0307. Tickets ordered through paypal will not be mailed and will be available at the door on the night of the show.

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Thanks to his eclecticism and his need to explore new soundscapes, this album includes several "flavours" and is not limited to one "genre" only. Influences from progressive, jazz-rock,  fusion and a bit of avant-garde are clearly recognizable, and compositions often dressed with a bit of math, Maurizio’s lifetime second main interest after music.

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"An intriguing and very innovative album" says the Director Dario Argento

"It sounds like vintage Goblin, and yet it does not live in the past. It does not try to be retro and it isn’t. It all sounds fresh; a familiar skeleton with bold new flesh. It is music as art, timeless and trendless. In short, it’s a major work of electronic music from a man who has spent his life making it; one laced with humor and humanity." says Fangoria