How To Book Lula Lounge

Planning a concert, fundraiser, CD or book launch?


Lula Lounge offers a stylish room, professional sound, full service bar and kitchen with friendly and experienced staff. Below you will find details about how Lula can be booked from Sunday to Thursday. Fridays and Saturdays are reserved for our own programing. 

Weeknight RATES

Lula Lounge is available for rent for public events on Sundays to Thursday for a rental fee of $500 to $800, depending on the evening and the event. The room fee helps us to cover some of our costs to open the room. The expectation for each event is that the promoter will strive to fill the venue and that Lula will generate revenue through food and drink sales. 


Up to 50% of the rental fee will be returned if a minimum food and drink target is met. Sales targets are $5000 for Sunday to Wednesday and $8000 for Thursdays.


Tech and security fees are additional where applicable.

Thursday evenings are usually divided into two parts. There is an early dinner show with doors opening between 6pm-7pm and ending by 9pm followed by a later event with 9pm doors and a 10pm show time.

On such split evenings, the promoters of the two events split the room fee and each cover the tech fees associated with their part of the night. The sales target for a half night will also be reduced.


For split Thursdays, patrons from the earlier show are permitted to remain in the room for the second part of the night without being forced to pay a second cover charge. We find that typically, 80%-100% of the early patrons leave following the completion of the first show.


Where promoters can demonstrate that they can fill the room from open to closing time, it may be possible to book the entire Thursday evening with an $800 room fee.


It is at the management's discretion whether or not to accept any booking requests.  



We do not take a percentage of ticket or merchandise sales. We can provide a table but the seller must provide someone to sell the merchandise.



Lula Lounge will provide security for the event and charge the client $125 to $175 per security staff depending on the hours. Lula management will let you know if security is required for your event.



Lula’s legal capacity is 250. For a seated event we can accommodate 150 to 190 depending on the table arrangement. Because of the size and format of the room, Lula is best suited to groups of a minimum size of 120 people.



The room fee is required as a deposit to hold the date. 50% of the deposit will be refunded if an event is cancelled 90 days before the event. There will be no refund after 90 days prior to the event. 50% of the deposit will be refunded if the agreed upon sales target for the event is met.



There will be an additional charge of $35 per hour plus HST for the services of a sound technician for up to eight hours. This is usually enough time for set up, load in, sound check, performance and tear down for one act. There may be an additional charge for multiple acts or festival events that require overtime or a second sound technician. Overtime hours (after 8 hours) will be charged at 50% more or $52.50 per hour.

Please note that the sound technician is not a stage manager or DJ but he will work with your DJ or stage person to facilitate a smooth event.

Before we can confirm any booking, we require technical approval by our sound technician Howard Laurie. Howard will work with you to determine the best time for load in and sound check. Sound check must be completed before doors open to the public. While the use of our sound system is included in the room charge, the client must provide their own backline as required.  

Please discuss your lighting needs with Howard in advance so that he can let you know if you will need to source additional lighting equipment and perhaps a dedicated lighting person. Howard will also need to have info about DJs and equipment along with the initial tech assessment. We ask DJs to bring CDs with full tracks rather than mp3s. While we don't have turn tables, we can accommodate a DJ who wishes to bring their own.

Technical Specs

View a stage diagram with dimensions.

View a list of equipment that can be provided by Lula.

The cost to use the piano is $185. This includes piano tuning.

There will be a small fee to use the projector due to the high cost of replacement projector bulbs.


Advance written consent from Lula Lounge is required for any audio or video recording. A recording fee may apply. While recording is often possible, please note that the sound engineer is hired to mix for the room and the recording will reflect the room sound. (Please have realistic expectations. When we are open to the public for a concert, we are not a sound studio and the results will reflect that. Any additional technical support required to facilitate recording may entail an additional tech charge.)

Promotional Support Provided By Lula

Through its aggressive promotional initiatives, Lula Lounge has built a loyal and attentive audience from very diverse communities and demographics. With that said, for an event to be successful the primary promotion really needs to come from the promoter/presenter of the event. What we do should be considered support for your promotions. 


Here is what Lula provides:

Inclusion in our online listings at with link to a web page dedicated to your event. (500+ daily visitors)

A listing in bi-weekly newsletter which goes out to about 10,000 subscribers.

We may be able to include some events in our printed season program. Not all events are guaranteed free inclusion. Dedicated ads in this program may also be purchased at the rate of $700 for a full page (5.5" wide x 8.5" high) and  $400 for a half page (5.5" wide by 4.25" high).  5000+ copies distributed 

Support on social media:

While it is up to promoters to create the posts and tweets, Lula will also make one dedicated post on our facebook page for each event and will share/retweet as we can if you tag us using @lulalounge. We encourage you to make a Facebook event page and make Lula Lounge a host of the event.  

Food And Drink

We do not permit outside groups to bring and or sell alcohol or food. The rental price quoted above is based on the assumption that we will make money through the sale of food and drinks.


Dinner Reservations

Unless otherwise agreed, Lula will accept dinner reservations and save priority seating for anyone wanting to dine. We ask you to include on all publicity that dinner reservations guarantee seating and provide our phone number and web address. (416 588 0307 / 

If you are selling advance tickets, we will need to coordinate our reservations with your sales to make sure that we don’t exceed the room’s capacity of 250 people or 150 to 190 for a seated event. 

Lula Lounge reserves the right to open the front room to the public on any evening unless otherwise agreed. 

Realistic Expectations 

Many different things happen at Lula from 15 piece Cuban bands to intimate classical trios; from kids’ salsa lessons to corporate functions.


However, we ask you to keep in mind that we’re not a formal concert hall or theatre or community centre. We survive by selling food and drinks and expect promoters to work with us to this end.



While we are happy to host fundraisers, please note that we cannot offer a discount to fundraisers. Such events inevitably take much more of our time in terms of coordination and generally yield less than an average night in terms of sales. We’ll do everything that we can to help you make your fundraiser a success but to stay in business we need to make sure that we’re covering our costs through food and drink sales.


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