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David Buchbinder's Odessa/Havana 'Conversation of the Birds' CD Release

Toronto is recognized internationally for its incredible multiculturalism and for the rich cross-cultural pollinations that take place across the city’s many artistic communities. With its deep exploration of the connections between Jewish and Cuban music, the JUNO Award-winning David Buchbinder’s Odessa/Havana is the quintessential Toronto project.

On Wednesday, January 17, LMAC and NAC presents Across Canada will join forces for the release of Conversation of the Birds, the third recording by Odessa/Havana. The evening at Lula Lounge kicks off with a set of world jazz by the stunning Turkish multi-instrumentalist Selcuk Suna who has invited powerhouse vocalist DIA and special guest Louwop of Los Poetas to join his sextet for the evening.

David Buchbinder’s Odessa/Havana

David Buchbinder’s Odessa/Havana presents “dazzlingly tuneful music, with powerful, swinging and lyrical playing”, that is “passionate, dancing and completely irresistible.” The JUNO Award-winning ensemble have brought their cross-cultural music magic to audiences form New York to L.A., Vancouver to Sao Paulo, and everywhere in-between. Their sound is created by the writing of powerhouse trumpeter David Buchbinder and Grammy-nominated, JUNO-winning Cuban piano master Hilario Durán, and one killing ensemble of master musicians. This octet can alternately sound like an orchestra (covering brass, reeds, strings, keys, drums, percussion and voice), a tight, hot jazz ensemble, and a gritty, authentic street band, as they expertly negotiate a reimagined confluence of the historically-connected Jewish and Afro-Cuban music traditions.

Having released two recordings on the Tzadik label to rave reviews around the world (along with the JUNO, a Canadian Folk Music Award and many nominations) Odessa/Havana is now releasing their third album, Conversation of the Birds (produced by Buchbinder and mixed by JUNO winner John Bailey). The CD release concert features Buchbinder, Durán, Aleksandar Gajic, Justin Gray, John Johnson, Mark Kelso and Maryem Hassan Tollar. Find out more about David Buchbinder, on Facebook, the Facebook event page and Twitter.

Selcuk Suna

Turkish composer, clarinetist, saxophonist and bandleader Selcuk Suna mixes traditional Turkish folk music with jazz, hip-hop, funk to create a blend of different worlds and eras of time. Selcuk’s ensemble features Eric St-Laurent on guitar, Max Senitt on drums, Tyler Emond on bass, Todd Pentney on piano, Mehmet Akyazı CA on percussion, vocalist DIA and Louwop of Los Poetas. Find out more about Selcuk Suna.

NAC Presents Across Canada

NAC Presents Across Canada is ambitious initiative in which the National Arts Centre and partner organizations across Canada will bring nearly 40 concerts to stages in 10 cities across the country during 2017-2018, helping to build the careers of emerging Canadian musicians working in all genres. The series is programmed collaboratively between the Executive Producer of NAC Presents, Heather Gibson and the artistic leadership in each partner organization. This concert is the second of four concerts to be co-presented by NAC Presents and Lula Music and Arts Centre. Find out more about the National Arts Centre.

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