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5 New Year’s Resolutions to get a jump-start on at Lula Lounge’s 2020 New Year’s Eve Salsa Bash

People often look at New Year’s Eve as sort of the ‘last hurrah’ of the holidays, before getting down to the business of refreshing themselves for the coming year. New Year’s resolutions are made as a part of that process, and we usually plan to get started on them come January 1st. This New Year’s Eve, we’re suggesting 5 resolutions you can get started on one day early at Lula Lounge, while having a fantastic time doing it!

1. Learn to dance

This New Year’s Eve, Baila Boogaloo Dance Co. will be leading a beginner salsa lesson to get everyone ready for a night of dancing. Learn the basic steps of salsa, bachata, cha-cha, and merengue to the sounds of Latin rhythms spun by a DJ. Later on, use your newfound knowledge to kick up your heels while salsa orchestra Havana Ventu, led by Cuban percussionist and composer Magdelys Savigne, plays two sets of high-energy salsa.

2. Learn a new language

Learning to speak a new language is an amazing way to open doors into new ways of thinking, and provides the opportunity for all kinds of new relationships, experiences and adventures. If Spanish interests you, Lula Lounge is a great place to hear it spoken, as many of their clientele and staff are Spanish-speakers. While Lula doesn’t offer language classes, if you decide to study the language elsewhere, the venue is a great place to practice some of that new vocabulary. Music is a great tool for language learning too, so learn the lyrics to some of your favourite salsa, bachata or reggaeton hits so you can sing along on NYE!

3. Eat more veggies

Healthy eating is on many folks’ minds after lots of holiday feasting. Lula’s dinner menus for New Year’s give the option for a decadent meal with a prix fixe menu that features a seared scallop risotto, roasted beef tenderloin and a coconut rum creme brulé. There is also the option to go a bit lighter with chef Randall Harrison’s entirely vegan prix fixe menu, featuring a grilled vegetable stack, portobello mushroom and lentil agnolotti, and a chocolate-raspberry cup with a coconut macaroon. This vegan menu proves that eating your veggies can still feel like an indulgence.

4. Meet new people

Lula Lounge is a friendly place to push yourself a little beyond your comfort zone. Ask someone to dance, or accept an invitation!

5. Support local businesses and the arts

Lula Lounge has been a Dundas West institution for over 15 years, providing a home for the city’s live salsa scene, as well as hosting numerous local events, from recitals for neighbourhood music schools, to burlesque shows, to fundraisers to their own programming of international and local artists spanning a range of genres. As the number of intimate live-music venues in Toronto shrinks, it’s largely thanks to a supportive client base Lula Lounge has managed to not only stay strong, but to flourish. Now that is definitely something worth celebrating!

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