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One Of The Best Private Party Experiences In Toronto

Lula Lounge is an innovative and dazzling live entertainment venue in Toronto that provides the perfect backdrop for a wide variety of events. Geared towards providing experiences that transcend the norm, the setting is exhilarating yet cosy. From weddings, engagements and bachelorette parties to office holiday parties and epic birthdays, Lula Lounge is known to be one of the best private party venue and restaurant in Toronto for those that appreciate the artistic approach and desire a one of a kind affair.

Your Private Party in an iconic music venue

Lula Lounge is an internationally renown music venue that has been hosting concerts by some of the most celebrated musicians and has been able to please even the pickiest artists, so you can be sure your event will be of highest caliber!

The Space

The colourful chandeliers, soft lighting, flamboyant decor and graphic elements that send you on a trip around the world all contribute to the theatrical ambiance of the space. With the VIP Balcony Bar, the Ballroom and the Havana Lounge spaces, the venue can hold up to 350 guests! The dance floor can be set up with tables or completely freed up for dancing depending on the needs of your private party.

The Experience

Lula embraces a unique approach to traditional dining - our philosophy is that once you enter our premises you are on a tropical vacation for the night! We offer an expansive variety of entertainment options for your event: live bands, DJs, dance instructors, magicians, drag shows, dance shows and more! Our staff focuses on upholding a lighthearted and jubilant atmosphere so that events brim with excitement and joy. Each detail, from the decor to the menu, is set in place to make a lasting impression.