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Lulaworld 2017 festival - celebrating 15 years of Lula Lounge

Lula turns 15!

Lula Lounge, Toronto's home to world, jazz, Latin and Brazilian music is about to celebrate its 15th birthday.

Making a go of it as independent, grassroots music space can be extremely precarious, as is evidenced by the numerous recent Toronto music venue closures. When you factor in the added challenge of presenting genres that generally lay outside the musical mainstream, the perseverance of a world and Latin venue to the 15 year mark, might be considered even more remarkable.

And while there were many times that the Lula team feared that the doors might have to be closed, the venue and programming/educational organization now seems to be on solid footing and ready to expand it's vision for the coming decade. With plans to increase accessibility and capacity over the next two years, Lula is striving to also striving to expand the breadth and impact of its programming.

From June 1 to 11th Lula Music and Arts Centre/Lula Lounge throw themselves, and the musicians, dancers, audiences and partners who make the venue possible, a 15th birthday party with the Lulaworld Festival.

Lulaworld 2017 will bring together artists with roots in Cuba, Chile, Tibet, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal and beyond for eleven days of original collaborations and newest projects that cross borders, genres and generations.

This year’s edition of Lulaworld features more than 20 performance including two CD releases, a street mural project, lessons in Brazilian forró, Cuban salsa, and Tibetan dance, a panel on music in the media and a community street brass band performance that you can take part in.

All concerts at Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas Street West, Toronto except the daytime concerts on June 3 which will be at the outdoor stage at Dundas West Fest at 1630 Dundas West.

See the lineup at or explore the links below.

May 29: Pre-festival Panel and Party with Ammoye + Charmie (City Hall LIve)


June 1: Lulaworld Opening Night: Dennis Rollins/Alexis Baro + Battle of Santiago + Sonido Pesao

June 2: Lulaworld Day 2: Rachel Therrien + Cafe Cubano

June 3: Lulaworld Day 3: Dundas Brass & the Lulaworld Stage @Dundas West Fest

June 4: Pre-Show Forró Workshop

June 4: Lulaworld Day 4: Louis Simão

June 4: Lulaworld Day 4: Aline Morales + Rob Curto from NYC

June 6: Lulaworld Day 6: Dorjee Tsering + So Long Seven + Tibetan Dance Lessons

June 7: Lulaworld Day 7: 3 Generations of Cuban Conga ft. the Legendary Candido

June 8: Lulaworld Day 8: Ed Cherry direct from New York City

June 8: Lulaworld Day 8: The Mercy Now + Paul Reddick + Quique Escamilla

June 9: Lulaworld Day 9: Axel Tosca Laugart + Gerardo Contino y Los Habaneros

June 10: Lulaworld Day 10: Sean Bellaviti + Conjunto Lacalu CD Launch

June 11: Lulaworld Day 11: Tribute to Violeta Para (Family Matinee Show)

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