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The Best Holiday Gift: Experiences

As the holiday season draws near, we’re all searching for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. But why buy them something physical when you can give them an experience that will last a lifetime? Instead of adding more stuff to their lives, give them memories made and lasting friendships forged on the dance floor. With our convenient gift certificate option, you can give any amount and we will e-mail you the details to send the lucky recipient. Let’s break down why this is such a great gift idea.

Experiences last forever

As people become more conscious of how they consume, they are beginning to appreciate experiences over objects. This shift in values has been driven by people who embrace experiences like eating out, traveling and going to concerts as preferable to owning things. With this in mind, sending someone on a weekend night of live music and drinks is much more meaningful than buying them something tangible.

a tropical vacation in downtown Toronto

At Lula Lounge, your special person will have access to some of the best salsa bands in Toronto. Not only will they be able to listen to fantastic live music but also they can learn some dance steps with the dance instructors right before the show starts! These types of activities create lasting memories that are much appreciated by friends and family alike.

e-Gift Certificates

At Lula Lounge, we offer gift certificates in any amount (starting at $50) so that your loved ones can enjoy everything that Lula Lounge has to offer. Our e-gift certificates are delivered via email. The best part is that there's no expiration date, so it can be enjoyed whenever they're ready for a night out!

This year choose a unique way to express your love while giving your friends and family an experience that will last a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Gift some salsa-fuelled fun this winter with Lula Lounge!

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