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To DA Ones by Beny Esguerra And New Tradition Music

Watch the latest release by Beny Esguerra and New Tradition Music, presented by Lula Music and Arts Centre with support from Canada Council for the Arts.

Artifacts including a vinyl disc are found by archeologists in the distant future. News reporters say that the disc comes from a time where cultural warriors from the South and the North came together during the age of the Condor and the Eagle when the prophecy began to take place circa: 2020AD. Inspired by the Condor and the Eagle prophesy, the song features Hip Hop artists from across the North and South of Turtle Island and Abya Yala representing territories within present-day Argentina, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Antigua, Jamaica, the US, and Canada. It is dedicated to our seeds, las semillas of A New Tradition; to our future generations many centuries away, the ones who we borrow the earth from everyday.


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