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Old newspapers and fliers usually live a short and event less life waiting on a pile to get recycled. However, that's not the case for the lucky ones that end up in the bright art studio of Lula's co-artistic director Jose Ortega. There through brush strokes and collage techniques, he breathes new life to clippings from NOW magazine and No Frills fliers and creates a vibrant imaginary world.

Jose Ortega was born in Ecuador but grew up in NYC where he graduated from the School Of Visual Arts. He established himself as an illustrator in New York City and worked on art commissions for such clients such as Absolut, MTV, Apple Computers, Bloomingdale's, Sony Music, Amnesty International and the New York Times. Jose has been the subject of numerous articles in international art and design journals and has received awards from organizations such as the Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, Print, Communication Arts and Graphis.

Ortega is also the artistic eye behind Lula's bold and vibrant interiors, facade, numerous concert posters and many murals on Dundas West.

Thursday, August 9th (6pm - 9pm) come over to Sheldon Rose Gallery and enjoy Jose Ortega's work in a double exhibit with Marcelo Suaznabar! Live performance by the Yosvani Castañeda Duo will create the perfect experience!

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