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Valentine's Dinner Concert with Payadora

Payadora Tango Ensemble

Founded in 2013, Payadora Tango Ensemble performs an expansive repertoire that draws from the height of the Buenos Aires’ Tango tradition, including compositions and arrangements by De Caro, Pugliese, Troilo, and Salgan, as well from the masterful, contemporary sounds of Astor Piazzolla.

With eclectic backgrounds in classical, jazz, Latin, Eastern European folk music, and improvisation, the members of Payadora exude technical virtuosity, playful spontaneity, and rhythmic vitality. For this special concert they are joined by the celebrated vocalist Elbio Fernandez.

Lula's Valentine's dinner package features a unique tropical fusion menu with a sharing special designed by Chef Randal Harrison with lovers in mind. Details of the menu and the seating times can be found here.

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