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Mas Que Nada by OKAN on Lulaworld Records released today!

Fans of Latin jazz, Brazilian and world music will want to check out the latest single by the women-led Afro-Cuban ensemble OKAN. Mas Que Nada is an original composition by Cuban composer Robertina Morales. OKAN's arrangement incorporates some heavy Brazilian influences and features Toronto-based Brazilian percussionist Mari Palhares, who is also well known to Lula audiences for her Forróbodo parties.

The track features the brilliant Cuban-born, Ottawa-based piano player Miguel de Armas as well as bassist Roberto Riveron (also the producer of the track) and another Cuban musician who has made Ottawa his home, Frank Martinez.

Mas Que Nada is released on the same day that TD Sunfest announces that OKAN has won the prestigious Stingray award for their performances at the landmark 25th anniversary edition of TD Sunfest in London Ontario last weekend.

Released on Canada's Lulaworld Records, Mas Que Nada follows up on OKAN's two independent Music Awards for their debut EP Laberinto which captured the top prize in both the world and jazz categories for EP.

Support the group and Lulaworld records by following them on your favourite music platforms!

Spotify users can listen here!

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